Airing of Grievances: Are Restaurants Skimping on the A/C?

Got this message from Lunch’er Jeremy on Friday: Have you noticed how hot it is inside Dishes (on 45th btw. Mad+5th)? This is no fluke; it was equally as uncomfortable last summer. For a place with a price point as high as Dishes’, they could stand to give customersĀ the most basic requirement for 100-degree NYC summers… working air conditiong! Not too mention that any place with a buffet servingĀ cold, spoil-prone food should do a better job keeping the environment suitable. You have the power to effect change! Please help, ML.” Coincidentally enough, Eater received the same complaint about Xie Xie (on 9th Ave. btw. 45+46th.) Hopefully this isn’t a trend…


  • I was under the impression the A/C merely failed at Xie Xie and they were working on fixing it.

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    This is one of my pet peeves about this city. So many food places keep the doors open in the summer, even in the hottest weather. I don’t know, maybe it is a cultural thing with the workers not getting the idea of A/C. What really bothers me though is that with all the talk of global warming and carbon footprint, these guys just ignore the problem. Maybe they needed to grow up with mothers yelling at them “Shut the door while the A/C is on… want to cool the outside?”

    • I think that’s a marketing thing… trying to draw customers into the store with a blast of cool air. This can actually draw a minor fine (like $200?) under city ordinance, but it’s rarely enforced.

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        I heard on the radio that fines are only issued against chains with more than 5 branches. But I am sure that you are right that it is rarely if ever enforced. I confronted someone at Bread and Butter about this and she said it would be ridiculous to close the door since people are always going in and out and the door would be open any way. Maybe we need to call Al Gore.

  • duane reade on 42nd keeps the door open with AC blasting

  • Pizza by Certe has no AC at all..O_O I always feel so bad for the employees.

    • SERIOUSLY. i used to work in a shared space with a pizzeria and their thermometer for the ambient temp on their side of the restaurant was always about 90, no matter the weather outside. they stand next to the ovens 8 hours a day. it sucks.

  • It’s not just Dishes. Pro Hot Korean also doesn’t really use the AC. You’ll sweat your ass off if you eat a hot stone bowl.

    Hello Pasta had the AC barely working the one time I was there. There are others.

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