Trini Pak Boys Debut Steam Fish and Dumplings

Just got word that the Trini Paki Boys Cart (on the North side of 43rd btw. 5+6th) will be trying out 2 a new dish today… steamed fish (on the bone) and dumplings. The cart is there now, but the special won’t be ready until about 12:30pm. If it sells, they’ll serve the fish every friday. To find out what’s going with the rest of the carts and trucks in Midtown, check the ML Twitter Tracker.

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    I just stopped by to try these guys for the first time. It’s actually just 1 dish “Steamed Fish And Dumplings”, not 2 separate dishes. I didn’t realize it until they gave it to me, but man am I a happy customer! It’s kinda similar to a light fish curry, but the spices are different, and it’s served on a bed of 5 elliptical flat dough dumplings. Very firm and chewy. It was $7 and could probably serve 2 except it’s too delicious to even consider letting someone else get their hands on it!

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