Free Soft Serve and French Fries

On the ML Twitter Tracker today… Rickshaw is on 52nd, Schnitzel is on 46th, Street Sweet is on 46th, Joyride is on 52nd, Steak Truck is on 47th, Mister Softee is on 53rd and Park giving out free soft serve from Noon to 2pm, and Goodburger has twittered a coupon for free french fries.


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    Wouldn’t it make more sense if the french fries were free with purchase of a burger and drink?

    BTW, the 45th St location makes the fries really salty!

  • haha, seriously…what kind of person needs 2 orders of fries with their burger?

    not exactly the most intelligent of people are working for goodburger’s promotional team

  • hey! they did this last week and i was also confused. i went to goodburger on 54th and lex and you just get free fries.. not an additional order of fries.

    • but the coupon says you have to buy a combo to get free fries. and all combos include fries already!

      • i know. i was confused about that too… as i didn’t want a 2nd order of fries. they just gave me free fries with the order of a burger and drink. i think it is just poor wording on the coupon.

  • well that makes way more sense…and like i said, not the most savvy of people working for their promo team

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    Cool, I will try it.

    Another pet peeve, why do they have combo list.
    The total price of the combo is the same as bought individually.

  • Tried the new Joyride truck. Pluses for the frogurt, (free toppings/no curses) coffee was good but as good as everyone says….

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