Free French Fry and Soft Serve Alert

Some good stuff on the ML Twitter Tracker this morning… bring this coupon to Goodburger, and get a free order of fries with any combo. Also, Schnitzel is on 46th, Rickshaw is on 52nd, Frites N Meats is on 48th, Wafels is on 52nd, it’s calzone Tuesday at Papa Perrone, and Go Go Curry reminds you they deliver. Also, like us on Facebook for a special free soft serve alert.


  • wait.. does this mean i get extra fries? or free fries? doesn’t the combo entitle you to burger, fries and a drink? does that mean i’m just getting more fries?

  • its def not a bad thing.. but for someone who is supposed to be on a “diet” i really don’t need to eat extra fries. hence if the deal is for extra fries, i’m getting something else for lunch AKA salad. if this deal calls for free fries along with my burger and soda.. then that makes it okay. do you see the twisted logic? pretty much my lunch is on the line here :)

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