Tomorrow is 2 for $2 Tuesday at Pizza by Cer Te

Thanks to Lunch’er “Chris” for passing along this one last week. Tomorrow (Tuesday 7/20) Pizza by Cer Te (on 56th btw. Park+Lex) will be selling 2 slices of pizza for $2 starting at noon. Offer good in store only.

Our First Taste of Pizza by Cer Te


  • HHhhhmm. Not really worth it if I get there at Noon and the monsterous line is wrapped all the way around the corner of 56 and/or if they run out Margherita pies. Other than potential line/ inventory disaster, great deal!

  • It’ll be just like the line for a new iPhone. We can all camp out and sing songs and play “are you nervous yet”.

  • wow…that was one of the most uninspiring slices i’ve ever had. i literally couldn’t taste the sauce. quite disappointing.

    the line moved well, and the place looks great, but it ultimately comes down to taste. unfortunately, that’s where things came to an abrupt end.

    of course, try for yourselves, as it’s only $2. but i don’t see myself returning there again (at least, not for the pizza anyway).

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    I think for $2, it is fantastic. I also tried the mushroom slice which was great as well. I waited about a half hour but the chef/owner was helping to manage the line and chat with customers. Plus they were bringing out ice water to people on line outside.

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