88 Cent Hello Pasta Reminder

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who haven’t had lunch yet… Hello Pasta had their grand opening yesterday (on Lex btw. 54+55th) and today you can try any of their pastas, with one sauce, for just 88 cents.  You have to text yourself the deal, and it’s only good from 2 to 8pm.


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    I’ve been watching this unfold from my office…amazing how long people will wait in line in the heat past lunchtime for some pasta in a box.

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    45 minute wait (half in the sun, half in the store which has yet to obtain AC, all behind the most annoying girl on the planet), mushy pasta, sauce tasting like ragu. y’all can decide whether that’s worth your 88 cents, but i will not be returning at full price.

    • Why oh why did you do that?

      Nothing is worth a 45 minute wait, free or otherwise.

      You should have known better and not fallen into the BS trap of “unreasonably cheap/free food” as dumbasses come out of the woodwork for free shit.

      I saw 100 people in a line for free ice cream on Monday at 40th and 6th…..wtf it was 95 and humid….morons.

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        thanks for the judgment on what i do with my own lunch hour. i’m sure you spent yours in a most enlightening manner. next time i’ll keep my story to myself and let people find out on their own.

      • This was always going to be a shitshow and anyone with sense could tell from miles away. I hope you enjoyed your wait though. :P

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    I only waited 20 minutes and my pasta was delicious. I ordered the carbonara, delicious for what it is and a very generous portion. For 88cents you can’t beat it! I will go back.

  • SHILLLLL!!!! Boo this man. Boo his company. Bring him into the cage.

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