Korean Bakery Chain Paris Baguette Coming to K-Town

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Paris Baguette, a huge worldwide Korean bakery chain, will be opening their first Manhattan branch on 32nd btw. B’way+5th. They do serve sandwiches, but the big deal appears to be about the breads and pastries. The first branches to open in the states were in California (of course), where it got raves from yelpers, chowhounders and bloggers alike.

I had never heard of it until seeing the sign, but it turns out that there is one branch in Queens and two in New Jersey. Anyone been to any of the local branches? What are we in for?


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    There are two in Flushing, Queens. One on Main St inside Queens Crossing Mall and the newer, larger one is located in Murray Hill Shopping Center on Northern Blvd.

    Some of their pastries look better than they taste. So it depends on what you get. But the cakes are good. They taste good too. It’s very prettily decorated like the cakes you get at Cafe Zaiya. Come to think of it, the pastries are similar as well.

  • I live in NJ and I am a huge fan of Paris bauette.
    Their pastries(the flaky ones) are to die for. Love love them. They also have a small round cheese cake that’s very fluffy and soft like clowd that i love.
    Anyway, I have yet to try anything that i didn’t like from this bakery. Highly recommended. much better than Cafe Zaiya.

  • I’ve been to the Flushing location many times. The pastries are awesome – arguably better than Koryodong (though they play in slightly different genres). This is definitely a welcome addition to K-town. :)

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    This bakery like many other Korean owned bakery chains and independents are overpriced. Tried Paris Bakery in South Korea (a lot of them there), nothing to right home about.

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    write that is. back to worky.

  • For some reason, I thought this was going to be a Vietnamese sandwich place. The same one that is on Mott or Mulberry near Grand in Chinatown. Now I’m sad…

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    Paris Baguette is one of the most popular bakeries in Korea. It is like Starbucks of South Korea, if Starbucks sold tons of deliciously fattening and sugary pastry. I have seen two Paris Baguette stores on the same block in my hometown. I went to the Flushing one when it opened and it was extremely overpriced (like Koryodang) but then again, I’m a cheapskate and was comparing the prices to their original Korean values.

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