Beacon’s Side Door Hot Dogs Are Pretty Damn Filling


Mr Pink in the study with the candlestick. Actually there was no Mr. Pink in the game of Clue, but there is a Mr. Pink’s hot dog in Beacon’s new Sidedoor that we brought to you yesterday. The Side Door has a burger and hot dog on the menu. You’ve already seen the burger (it’s one that’s been approved by Mamacita), so I went by to check out what this hot dog thing was all about.


The menu said it’s “2 grilled beef hot dogs, with parmesan, grilled onions, and sweet pepper relish in a po-boy roll”. First thing you gotta know is that all of this is pre-made. They had some sort of temperature controlled container where they had a bunch of pre-wrapped hot dogs. It was actually a bit of a let down at the beginning because ready-made food feels less like a deal than freshly cooked food for $10. Some of you voiced concerns that the double dog with chips and coke doesn’t feel like much of a deal, but I can tell you that it’s a good amount of food.


They grilled the bun for the hot dogs, which was a nice touch. But when it basically sits there, wrapped in aluminum, there’s some steaming action that softens any enhancements the grilling had imparted. On one side of the bun was the sweet onion relish, and the other side was this parmesan spread or something.

The two hot dogs in one bun means that you’re really pigging out and stuffing your face. The pepper relish and parmesan helped to kick up the flavors a bit, but I still thought the hot dog needed some additional help from the mustard packet. I had no idea that two hot dogs could be this filling (putting down a couple at a barbecue is usually no big thing) but this meal ended up stuffing me.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that we’re not getting made to order meals for $10 from Beacon.  But the Side Door thing does give us a nice opportunity to get an affordable lunch from a nice restaurant.  And we all know the burger is damn good…

Beacon, 25 W 56th St (btw. 5th and 6th), 212-332-0500


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    are the burgers precooked as well…

  • WTF? Wasn’t this a gag in Blades of Glory? And you put this thing in your mouth?

    “I had no idea that two hot dogs could be this filling . . .”

    That’s what she said. Okay. I am done. Those things just had to be cleared up about this post.

  • Possibly “Mr. Pink’s” may not refer to Reservoir Dogs, but rather to Pink’s Hot Dogs in LA.

  • I stopped by for the dog today. I agree the sogginess is a problem but the flavors on the spreads were really nice. I should have gone for the quart of Iced Tea Lemonade but I didnt notice it until i looked at the menu they had put in my bag. Not sure I’d really go for this again but for quick and tasty it works….I think I’ll stick to the Happy Hour which is a ridiculously good deal

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