Beat the Heat With Some Street Meat

Don’t let the weather keep you in today, there’s plenty going on via the ML Twitter Tracker. In addition to the Goodburger Deal, Rickshaw is on 52nd, Schnitzel is on 46th with veal, Frites N Meats and QBA Cuban Kitchen are on 48th, and Wafels and Dinges is on 52nd- and they now sell spekuloos by the jar! (That could be dangerous.)


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    Went to QBA today. I got the Cuban sandwich and because you said it was small got the rice and beans (total $11). I agree that their sandwich is to small and by the time I got to my desk was very soggy.. Fell like they needed to press it longer, but the Jalapeno Cilantro sauce was very good, and very spicy.. Will go back just for that!!

  • Switch Heat and Meat and headline will catch more eyes.

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