Meatball & Fries Pizza!?

Today’s Pizza by Cer Te (56th btw. Lex+Park) special is topped with crumbled meatballs, cheddar, and julienned potatoes- could be interesting, right?  Also of note on the ML Twitter Tracker, Rickshaw is on 57th, Miss Softee is on 44th, Eddie’s Pizza is on 48th, Cupcake Stop is on 50th, the ESPN Match Truck is on 52nd and Lex, and Street Sweets is on 52nd.

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  • I went to the ESPN Match Truck today for the first time. I had the Bunny Chow and the Yaki Mandoo dumplings. Both were great and the Bunny Chow at $6, is a really good deal for how big the sandwich is. Will be back on Friday.

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