DOH No Longer Cares About “Evidence of Roaches”

The Department of Health will begin putting letter grades on restaurants next month, and according to Grub Street many of the rules have been changed- to the benefit of restaurants. Our favorite?  “Evidence of roaches” is no longer an offense… the inspectors have to see actual roaches.  Bummer.  “Evidence of roaches” was one of our faves.


  • ok, i just clicked on mamcita’s post and almost made me throw up my cinnamon cereal.

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    Judging by the score that led to the DOH shutting them down on 6/4, ‘Bella Luna’ on 55th (formerly ‘Buk Balkan Bistro’, formerly ‘Madrit Pronto Pizza and Sushi’) has more to worry about than just ‘evidence of roaches’.

    154 points.

    The theoretical maximum score is somewhere around 1500, which would be a filthy vagrant standing in a dumpster and handing out cups of lukewarm poison. So on that scale, they didn’t do so badly.

    Then again, the inspector probably stops counting right around 150 or so, since there’s more than ample reason to shut a restaurant down at that point.

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