Food Truck Hearing is Tomorrow (Weds)

Want to support the food trucks in person against the proposed City Council law that will effectively put all food trucks out of business? The hearing is tomorrow (Wednesday, June 16th) in the 16th floor hearing room at 250 Broadway at 10am. Can’t be there in person? Please contact your city council member and let them know that food truck lovers will campaign against any city council member who votes for this unfair law that unfairly singles out food trucks for harsher punishments.


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    In the past few days I have called the Councilperson for my home neighborhood – downtown and my work neighborhood – midtown east. I also called the Chair’s office and they have all been very receptive and most appreciative for the calls. If you call your councilperson, call the legislative office instead of the main office and you will talk to someone more informed of this issue. Last week, none had even heard of this, but this week, they all had.

  • listen to Sean Basinski, Kim Ima and Vadin Ponorovsky on WNYC

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