Crown Gourmet Deli Has Roast Pork By the Lb.

From Lunch’er Spencer:

“Your team needs to start hitting the streets for the types of lunches that this site was founded on! For example, how about Roast Pork by the pound, self-serve? The pork in the picture was fall off the bone tender and on par with the usual suspects. The best part is undoubtedly being able to help yourself – the fun of taking thongs to a whole shoulder coupled with the thrill of severing a piece of crunchy skin the size of an index card. From the generic midtown deli at 1674 Broadway (52nd) ‘Crown Gourmet Deli’.”

But wait… there’s more.

Pros: In the morning they have breakfast on the hot bar – eggs by the pound is a total rip, but bacon by the pound (cooked) is a steal! They sometimes have two whole pork shoulders sitting in their own juices waiting for you to help yourself at lunch.  I had about a half pound of crispy skin today.

Their “bucket-o-lettuce” is virtually unlimited and a small has tipped the scale at almost 2 pounds (why don’t more people weigh their make your own salad to see exactly what they are paying per pound?  For me and my friend that is big).

Cons: It’s a generic midtown deli.

By the pound is always a dangerous game for us to play… but for this, I think we can make an exception.

Crown Gourmet Deli, 1674 Broadway (on 52nd St.)


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