Kogi is Returning to NYC For the World Cup (Kind Of)

ESPN Zone might be closing in Times Square, but they’re apparently bringing Kogi to NYC at the end of the week!  On Friday morning, ESPN will be launching a “Match Truck” that will travel around New York City during the World Cup, playing games on a flatscreen TV while serving a breakfast and lunch menu that was designed by Roy Choi- chef of the famous L.A. based Kogi Trucks.  The menu, which Grub Street posted yesterday, isn’t typical Kogi stuff (there are foods representing a bunch of the participating World Cup nations) but some of the dishes clearly have a Kogi twist (like the sliders and carne asada burrito.)  These trucks are going to be appearing all over the country (including L.A.) so it’s doubtful that Roy himself will ever be on the truck… but it will hopefully still be good.

The truck launches Friday morning from 9 to 11am in Columbus Circle, and then you can follow it on Twitter (naturally) through the end of the World Cup.   (We’ve also added it to the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker for those of you who have twitter blocked by your work, or don’t want to sign up for an account.)  Last time Kogi came to NYC it was grass roots, and complete insanity. It’ll be interesting to see if this ESPN branded truck attracts the same interest…


  • Tortilla Espanola??? Manchego Cheese?!?!?!?! YAAAAAAAAY!

  • I just looked at their menu and all I can say is, this truck is MAD over priced. No truck should charge $1.50 for a bottle of water(i know how much they cost..hehe). 3 Mandoo(dumplings) for $4??? Are they crazy??

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