Brace Yourself… ESPN Zone Is Closing

Food trucks aren’t the only endangered species in Midtown these days.  The LA Times is reporting that Disney plans on shuttering all ESPN Zones not connected to a Disney property… although these days 42nd Street feels practically like Disney World, so maybe Midtown’s location is safe. [via Eater] UPDATE: Nope, tt’s closing too.


  • The NYC store is the flagship and they often broadcast out of there. Of course, it’s three floors of VERY EXPENSIVE real estate. I hope it stays. It’s fun during big events.

  • i’m inconsolable

  • I went there to a guiness tasting event. That place blows….but for free, it could have been worse…

  • Haven’t been to the ESPN Zone in Times Square in at leasat 3 years, but they used to make DAMN GOOD ribs and you could get the ribs w/ onion straws and a giant draught beer for about $25.
    Not bad.

  • Adam,
    Fair quesion. Forgive me for taking a page from the recent ML book and simply asserting that a particular food is tasty w/o describing it in any but the most basic way (or not at all). I hate that.
    Over the years I’ve mentioned these ribs on this site several times but frankly I can’t remember what they tasted like anymore. As I mentioned, it’s been at least 3 years.
    However, as a lover of ribs and a longtime BBQ-meister whose opinion used to be respected on this site when I had the time to post frequently, I can tell you that they were better than Virgil’s and comparable to Dinosaur. If you check them out before they shut down, let me know. If not, you won’t be missing a life-changing meal. Just a good one.

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