International Food House Is Now Cafe Nunez (And Features a Chef Trained at El Bulli?)


We do our best at Midtown Lunch to support buffets. Sure, they feature meats from unknown sources, and sometimes you might not feel so good after the fact… but sometimes you just can’t help it, you know? So it kind of scared us to see that the International Food House Restaurant & Buffet (on 35th btw. 7+8th) is now Cafe Nunez. Even though the awning is new, I was relieved to find that the interior is unchanged, and the buffet table is still intact. They still have takeout menus that say International Food House, but the Cafe Nunez website has their new menu.

Apparently after 5pm the restaurant turns into a fancy tapas place from Executive Chef Rene Hernandez- who according to the website, trained at the ultra famous Il Bulli in Spain.  Not sure about all that, but the lunch menu is pretty much the same- and features mofongo, sandwiches, burgers, and $8 Dominican specials like oxtails, stewed chicken, and pork chops.  As for the Happy Hour special that Mamacita wrote about last year, we’re not exactly sure if that’s still going…

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