Queens Tibetan Cart Spotted in Midtown!?


This just in from Lunch’er Dan:

There is a Tibetan food cart parked outside the Time Life building on 50th St & 6th Ave today. It looks like the Dalai Lama is appearing at radio City Music Hall from today through Sunday so this Potala cart from Queens must surely have decided to set up across the street because of that.

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Momos (aka Tibetan steamed dumplings) in Midtown is a very exciting prospect! If the Portala Cart sounds familiar, maybe you recognize the name from this recent round up of halal carts in Jackson Heights on Serious Eats: New York.

As unlikely as it is, how awesome would it be if this cart stayed in Midtown permanently? We would get our hopes up, but after the momo disappointment of 2007 we’ve learned our lesson. In other words, if you want some Tibetan food from a cart in Midtown, you might not want to wait on this one…


  • Oh… I want the chili chicken and steamed dumplings!! If anyone goes, report back!! NOM

    • Those are the only two items that sound worthy of seeking out the cart, Mama. Everything else is obviously to compete against the other street meats carts.

      Not big on dumplings unless they’re Rickshaw. (HA. F-that!) Nah, I’d be down if they’re like xiao long bao/ soup dumplings.

      Never had Potala. I probably passed it on occasion in Jackson Heights though. Oh well.

  • Damnit. And I ordered a sandwich from cucina today. This is right downstairs! FEH

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    I saw this also and took pictures. sent an email to you guys with the menu.

  • Tibetan Street Meat = Yak over barley with yogurt & mustard seed

    The food is then reincarnated as a case of the shits

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    Almost none of those items I see advertised look Tibetan.

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    The idea of Tibetan food seemed pretty exciting until I saw the photo of the menu: chicken w/ rice, lamb w/ rice, gyro. Maybe the seasoning is uniquely Tibetan but otherwise this seems to be just another street meat cart on a corner already jammed with them.

    However, I see that they have something called “Hot Dog”, which normally I would discount, but maybe from a Tibetan cart it refers to something I haven’t tried before…

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    Just tried the dumplings. Not bad, even if I can’t say there was anything that struck me as particularly Tibetan about them — though I am by no means an expert.

    The wrap was a bit denser and chewier than I generally prefer, but the beef was nicely seasoned and tender (except for the small inedible parts). They cost $5 for eight dumplings.

  • Why not a Congo cart? ebola over rice

  • I too just had the dumplings. They were pretty good, kinda like soup dumplings(but not as soupy inside) I wanted the chilly chicken, but they didn’t have any.

  • Menu says the hot dog is 99 cents. You could have 10 and still be under ML budgetary guidelines.

  • I had momos at a Tibetan restaurant in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly (it was Amsterdam after all) they were pretty good with some hot sauce. The wrapping was thicker and the meat not spiced much, so the hot sauce was important.

  • I enjoy the taste of momos, I appreciate the idea of a different more exciting dumpling- but why are they always double the cost of dumplings?

  • I’ve had tibetan a few times before. Not surprisingly, great food for bitterly cold days.

  • I’m having the dumplings now. They’re pretty decent, though I’m pretty sure they’re frozen (rather, not hand made…), as they’re selling them $25 for 50pc frozen… The skin is a little thicker than traditional soup dumplings (probably to stand up to freezing), dry out pretty quickly. Otherwise these are very tasty. They aren’t too salty, and don’t really need a dipping sauce since there is a bit of soup inside them (though, it tastes somewhat like the flavor from a ramen packet…)

    They’re half the price of the steamed juicy buns from John’s/Joe’s Shanghai, but not nearly as good. Still worth it though…

  • Oh, they didn’t have chilly chicken again. I think they’re just doing dumplings (I didn’t see anyone getting anything else).

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