New Heartland Brewery Offering a $10 Grand Opening Special


We didn’t get too excited over the opening of the new Heartland Brewery in Port Authority (on 41st and 8th Ave.) but this could change our minds!  As a grand opening special they’re offering your choice of entrees (New York Reuben, HB Burger, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Ceasar Salad, or a Taco salad) plus a homemade soda and french fries for $9.95.  A HB Burger or reuben plus homemade soda and fries for $10?  Sounds good to us… the only catch is you have to sit at the bar to get the deal.  Even though they’ve been open for a month, and it’s a “grand opening special”,  the hostess at the desk said the lunch special is something they might keep going for a while.  From her lips to… uh… whoever owns Heartland Brewery’s ears.


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