First Look at Bill’s

Curious to see what the inside of the new Bill’s Bar & Burgers is going to look like when it opens in late summer in Rock Center?  Feast NY has a sketch of the downstairs bar!


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    The biggest burger joint in the country? They aren’t even that good. Five Guys/Shake Shack/Burger Joint all top it.

  • I had a really good burger at the Downtown location, right after they opened… but I think the “shake shack” comparisons kill them (along with every other burger place that it gets compared to.)

    But for what it is, don’t you think it’ll be a welcome addition to the Rock Center area? (That is, until the Shack opens on 8th Ave!)

  • I think they meant physical space wise(11,000 sq ft) the biggest. At least thats how I read it.

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    I had a mediocre burger there about 6 months ago. Perhaps I made the wrong choice. Their veggie fries were actually delicious though. I’m sure it will cater to the Rock Center tourists just fine. There aren’t that many solid choices for them around there as far as I know. Then again I try to stay clear of those tourist destinations.

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