Want to Get Paid to Eat Lunch?

Do you eat lunch in Midtown?  Do you hate salads, generic delis, and people who eat the same boring lunch every single day?  Midtown Lunch is looking for some new eaters who love to go that extra mile for a decent lunch. Interested?  Send an email to editor@midtownlunch.com with your resume, and/or any info you think will make us feel like you’re the eater we’re looking for.


  • what should recipe say?

  • i meant resume.lol

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    There should be a test:

    1) What is the meal typically served between breakfast and dinner?

    2) 11.95 is to 10.00
    a) more than
    b) less than
    c) equal to
    c all of the above

    3) Are cookies, cakes, pie, macaroons, ice cream, custard typically considered lunch?

    4) What streets lie between 32nd street and 60ths street?

    5) What avenues lie between 3rd and 9th?

    • You forgot the most important one…

      6) Have you spurned the advances of an aging Midtown office worker who is about to get laid off?

      Because if the answer is yes, he just might spend all of his free time openly criticizing everything about the blog you write for.

      • See, Zach, who says you’re not attractive? (at least to aging Midtown office dudes). Pity the broken heart.

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        Har! You’re about as off-base as your meager efforts to keep this place on topic, which apparently you abandoned long ago.

        You’re obviously struggling and will continue to do so until you either officially redefine what this place is about, or keep your “staff” on track. No number of new posters will change that if they’re left to continue to turn this place into another run of the mood generic food blog.

        ML has become the generic deli it used to abhor, which is certainly your prerogative, but at least be honest about it and stop the charade.

      • If it bothers you so much, you don’t have to read the blog or keep posting on here.

      • mgu, but, then what else would he have to make him feel good about himself?

      • Seriously! Guys like these remind me of those angry graffiti people who write hate speech in the subways. I know today’s a nasty day, but the dude seriously needs some hot cocoa.

    • I thought I had read some time back that Bossman had a new job nowhere near Midtown

    • And the worst part is, all of this “struggling” hasn’t resulted in certain commenters never coming back- much to the disappointment of those who enjoy being a part of this community! It’s like lose/lose for everybody :-)

      I kid because I love Bossman. You say I’m “off base” in my assessment, yet I can’t think of another reason that an otherwise normal grown man logs in every day to post the comments that you post. Nobody is forcing you to post the same criticism over and over again every single day. I didn’t move to Los Angeles because I wanted to. I moved because I had to… for my family. I could have shut the site down, but I didn’t. I chose to keep it going because thankfully there were some people working in Midtown who were willing to help out- for practically no money. I assure you, nobody is getting rich from this thing. We all do it because we love it. If it’s not for you anymore, so be it. All we can do is our best.

      • I’m lost did Bossman try and make sweet love to you?

      • Definitely having a midtown lunch is better than NO Midtown Lunch at all.

        Everyone has a right to their opinions here. If people don’t want to read certain posts or comment, then they do not have to.

        And I want to get paid to sleep. Sign me up for that!

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        Well, Zach, bubby, I don’t know how else to say it. Some come here because of its specialized slant. Something the blog has shied away from either by design or too light an editorial hand, foresaking focus in some apparent inexplicable desire to provide an endless supply of increasing diluted content.

        If you haven’t gotten that from my critique then I’m obviously wasting my time and others bandwidth. There are 100′s of blogs/sites that do what ML now does, if I have to sift through other stuff (to be polite), I might as well do it on sites a little more, er, selective (to say nothing of thorough) in what they provide.

        That said, thanks for all the good tips, the laughs and the many great lunch suggestions (and the few clunkers too). Much respect.

        PS – As annoying as my crap is to you/others if it makes some contributors think a little before they post than it’s all for the better, IMO.

  • A writing sample would be nice. Or the commenters will eat you alive BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Maybe me?? I’ve started a food blog recently, let me know what you guys think! I hope you like it! http://www.tingerstastings.blogspot.com

    • Maybe not you. Katz’s get’s a two? Really? Try pastrami everywhere else and then tell me katz’s is a two, ffs… Then read up on midtownlunch.com and check out the various personalities that make this place somwehre that we look forward to following… Contrary to Bossemen’s opinion, replacing Zach is a tall order (and not many of the new ml posters have been able to do it). Personality is key…

      • I think she gave it a three in terms of taste and two in terms of price. But my gripe is that she thought pastrami tastes like hot dogs. Really? Don’t you know, Tingers, that pastrami is the most sensual of all meats? Katz’s serves the best in the city. But you are clearly a sweets kinda gal.

      • Haha, Im sorry guys! It was good, but I prefer a rare steak, or well cooked fish as my meat of choice! I do however very much enjoy bratwurst and kielbasa too. You are right, I am a sweet lover!

      • She’s claims to be no pastrami expert though and her first time eating it. I’m not big on pastrami either but know it doesn’t taste like hot dog. Maybe parts of the same animal are in hot dog.

        Never had Katz’s. lol.

        Nice sweets/ desserts porn on her blog.

    • Apparently it gives you creamy orgasms…..worth the cash.

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    Don’t we already have numerous contributors? How many people does it take to replace one guy?

    • Zach did it full-time, and the others were doing it much more infrequently… It doesn’t look like Jason Lam is involved anymore (Ultraclay took over for the flatiron stuff). Mama’s still doing the happyhour stuff, but is now doing the “in the forums” posts as well, then we have the trickle of posts from Blondie/Brownie/AmyCao…

      So my guess is one or more of them will be bowing out of their responsibilities?

  • Bossman is clearly a jackass. Ignore him. I think the site is doing fine. I have spread the word and many people are now aware of this site, even those who don’t live in NY. The new writers are for the most part, very good, and are still finding the new spots efficiently.

  • As one of those infrequent writers on ML, I want to assure any potential writers out there that despite some of the off-color commentary that may be posted to any posts you may write for Zach, you’ll grow stronger for all of it. You’ll find your skin somehow double or triple in thickness. All in all, pretty good all around. You get to help keep the good part of the community alive.

  • so… tempted…

    I don’t think we should look at it as filling Zach’s shoes because that would be setting the bar unfairly high. Plus, that would be inviting imitators and it’s not nice to fake it.

    As long as the person is informative, dedicated, open to trying new things, personable, honest (!), willing to order 25% of a place’s menu each visit, and — I guess this is true now since we have multiple contributors — can work well with others, then he/she is good to go. Good to go in the sense that I (and several others) would gladly read, heed, and trust what’s written.

    The +/- was one of the things I missed

    • Dean, just take the job already.

      Def. could use the +/- more often with the Midtown posts AND willingness to eat at random places rather than informing us about them.

    • Mais je ne veux PAS travailler bien avec les autres!

    • My palate is overqualified for this position. J’veux ton amour et je veux ton revenge.[/end narcissism]

      SMO you make it seem like I’m a shoo-in but I don’t really have those qualities. I’m just offering what I think are good traits the new contributor should have since that’s what my friends and I like. I’m not ML’s HR department or anything so don’t take my ‘qualifications’ so seriously! :)

      Also, now that I think about it… there probably isn’t as much collaboration between posters as I had assumed.

      • Oh well. Well since you have a solid palate, I me understand if you don’t want to subject yourself to anything and everything for lunch. Not everything will be pate either.

        Like most of us here, me just want to eat…but not enough gumption to write posts for. Hoping to see some of youse step up to the plate though.

        Rah rah ah ah ah.

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    Whoever you pick please choose someone from the west side, I feel like we’ve been forgotten over here.

  • Would I be foolish to apply? I could totally rep Times Square/Herald Square/west side area. :)

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