Friday Kati Roll Special at Indus Express

Indus Express $5 Kati Roll

Thanks to Lunch’er “Adam” for tipping us off to the new Friday Kati Roll special at Indus Express (on 48th btw. 5+6th). The guy behind the counter said you can get any Kati Roll for $5 (normally they’re $5.95 to $7.95 depending on the filling) and though I didn’t see it listed on the menu, he also confirmed that the special also comes with the usual small salad and fries (like the one Zach initially tried). Not bad for $5. My experiences at Indus Express have always been a hit or miss. They have a solid chaat bar, but their steam table curries are pretty lacking and the nearby Minar schools them in Tikka Masala. That said, we’re always willing to give a good lunch special a try. I think I know what I’m having for lunch today…

Indus Express is Like an Indian Version of a Midtown Deli


  • I went and got the tikka paneer roll, and they gave it to me without the salad. When I asked about it, I noticed that the salad bin was empty so they just tossed in some shredded lettuce. This annoyed me. I also noticed the the 3 guys who ordered after me all got no salad and no mention that the salad was out, either. It’s a pet peeve for sure when places think they don’t have to tell you what your meal includes and just ignore something.

    • That is totally lame about how they handled the “salad” situation. I found my “salad” to be a bit more than a garnish but not really a small salad by any stretch of the imagination–still it was nice to have a little greenery plus mango and cucumber on the side (as sunnydlita mentions below).

      The whole wheat wrap in place of chapati bread was a complete surprise. I missed my tasty buttery bread. It was a good wrap in it’s own right, but not what I think kati roll.

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    Mine came with salad* and curly fries (a small portion of both)… but the kati roll was on a whole wheat tortilla! MAJOR FAIL. At least half of my enjoyment of a good kati roll is that delicious greasy, slightly sweet chapati bread.

    *My salad was a strange mix of lettuce, tomato, shredded mango and cucumber.

    The curly fries were good, though, and they have an intriguing beverage selection. I went with the sweet lassi.

  • Oh, I actually liked the whole wheat wrap, but I suppose it isn’t very traditional.

  • I’ve never tried that Kathi rolls there, but Indus has some good dishes. The samosa chaat is great and although the steam table is uneven, there are good items. I like the chili chicken, chicken curry, goat curry, cabbage, and that dish that’s peas with some kind of pureed greens. The chicken tikki masala is way too bland. They also don’t change up the steam table items often enough. I’ll often pop in and see what they have before I decide to eat there.

    • Completely agree on the chaat. It’s probably my favorite thing to get there and the most reliable. Their chicken tikka masala tastes too much like ketchup for my liking.

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    Kati rolls on tortilla? Lame. I’ve never had them there before, but I thought I remember seeing “kati rolls” made with naan. I agree that the chaat at Indus is decent, while the CTK is ass.

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