At Lunch Now: Rain Can’t Stop the Palooza

And that’s only half of it

That’s right… today was the big day. Almost 40 Midtown Lunch’ers converged at noon today in Bryant Park to rate 15 plates of street meat nominated by you. It was looking dicey this morning, but apparently Jeebus likes street meat, because the clouds parted long enough for the chicken and lamb over rice massacre taste test to go down. If you didn’t score an invite this year… there’s always next year! As for the results, they’ll be posted on the site after our accounting firm has a chance to validate all of the score cards.

Street Meat Palooza 2: Our New York City Chicken/Lamb Over Rice Showdown Crowns A New Champion
Street-Meat-Palooza: A 13 Cart Chicken/Lamb Over Rice Showdown


  • In other news, exploding manhole covers near the NYT building. Given the proximity to the Streetmeat palooza event, is this a coincidence? I think not.

  • I want to issue a formal protest … the taste test demographics were clearly rigged to favor the palettes of thin asian hotties between the ages of 25 and 35.

    I’m protesting the fact that I didn’t get any of their phone numbers

    • I’m pretty sure there were no female Asians at SMP3 anywhere near the age of 35, and as the likely oldest female Asian there today, I TAKE GREAT OFFENSE.

      • Oh stop it Yvo. You were the second best looking Asian there.

      • Sigh – No comment on the hottie or the thin, just a focus on the upper limit of an age bracket

        There’s no pleasin’ you asian over-achievers

      • Second best looking Asian? Wow, thanks Dean for the compliment. I knew I was in my best form today…bum attire!

        Nah, my evil twin has the looks. I barely have the brains intact.

      • @Wayne, no comment on hottie or thin because those are givens; besides which, what, am I supposed to fall over myself because you issued a blanket compliment to the myriad of Asian females at SMP3? :P

        @Dean, no contest, indeed – I know you meant yourself.

        @SMO, it’s never been a secret that I received all the looks AND brains in my family :P

      • Never humble nor modest. Haha.

  • 30 plates of streetmeat, 40 eaters, 3/4 plates per person…

    I don’t think I walked away from there having eaten 3/4 of a plate of streetmeat…

    (Not complaining, just stating an observation) :)

    • User has not uploaded an avatar

      The shit was free, it’s twats like you that split a group check down to the last olive.

      An observation would be noting how many thin, young, Asian hotties were present. You were probably preoccupied in making sure the hot sauce didn’t muss your Pink shirt.

      Some people are never happy…….. BWAHAHAHA

    • Adam, you are such a COOL DUDE, so to speak.

      Unfortunately, the world is just sick and tired of “COOL DUDES.”

  • I apologize for A. Being so Sweaty. Hey, I am a big fat guy, whatcha want? B. Not really introducing myself to anyone but the Feisty Foodie. C. Forgetting to give my final tally of each dish. I meant to do it, but handed it in and didn’t remember I hadn’t done it until I got back to the office. D. Rating each value as “2″ because anything under $10.00 is a good value IMNSHO

    I felt like such a AA Baseball player trying his hand in the majors with the amount of NY food review talent that was there. My palate is not discerning enough. It was great fun though!

    • Api, today was so miserably humid, it was hard not to.

      • The humidity got to me too – felt pretty dehydrated thanks to not bringing ample water supplies. MUCH better now but the walk back to work was less than optimal.

        However, that was a lot of fun – a lot of work, too! Can’t wait to see where my favorites place.

      • Dave, likewise. I have a headache yet again after meeting you. This time there was no beverages involved (which was precisely the problem)…

  • Wayne, yet you can still contact them. I think they were all food bloggers, no? :)

  • Inquiring minds want to know: How many times was a variance of the phrase, “My vendor is going to beat your meat” uttered?

  • Gotta be the FUNNIEST thing I have ever read: ‘Midtown shot flames THREE STORIES high’, and then a firefighter yelled: “It’s not Disneyland, people”.

    No shit! (No pun intended — LOL!)

    Only in New Yawk City. No one else on the planet could possibly make this stuff up.

    On our VERY next visit, we will flush along with all Midtowners, and my wife and I will be number 42 (FORTY-TWO) flushes at a given point in time.


    Carrion —- ROFLMAO —- please [choking up and needing to call 911] LOL!

  • bossman said Twat… work here is done.

  • I think i tallied it all wrong… it was the heat and humidity…
    Street meat, white sauce and hot sun didn’t seem like a good combo … Thankfully tummy felt fine in the afternoon. Can’t wait to see the results! =) I learned the “fake” 53rd and 6th halal are pretty close to the real thing.

  • so Zach was there?

    did anyone bring him a Walgreen’s sandwich?

    • Are ‘Walgreen’s sandwiches’ readily available where you live? How much do they set you back? How often do you indulge in one?

      Inquiring minds want to know, please!


    • perhaps someone else can answer those questions for you

  • Looks like Zach made time to participate in ANOTHER big food besides SMP3 :-)

    did Zach wear a suit to SMP3 as well? :-)

  • What happened?…

  • Two weeks, three days, nineteen hours, fifty-four minutes and counting…

  • Three weeks, one day, two hours, sixteen minutes and counting…

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