Maine Lobster Gazpacho is Back at the Oyster Bar!

Oyster Bar at Grand Central

Last month I had the chance to check out most of the offerings from Grand Central’s Oyster Bar take out window with some of the ML crew. Their soup offerings were the surprise hit of the lunch and this week I discovered that the Maine Lobster Gazpacho is back in rotation.

Chilled Lobster Gazpacho from Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar soups got high marks overall for quality and value from the Midtown Lunch crew and the Lobster Gazpacho is my favorite that I’ve tried to date. The soup has a refreshing tomato base with chunks of tomato and bits of corn and green peppers. Unlike some lunch spots (I’m looking at your Crab and Corn Chowder, Urban Lobster Shack!) there were discernible lobster bits. While I wouldn’t have minded some more lobster chunks, at $6.95 for a decent sized serving this is welcome addition to my lunch rotation, especially as we get into the summer months and I find myself craving lighter and cooler lunches. One word of caution–this soup is a bit heavy on the onions so beware and pick up some mints if you have an after lunch meeting planned.

Chilled Lobster Gazpacho from Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar Typically carries New England and Manhattan Clam Chowders and rotates a third soup in the mix, so be sure to call ahead to see what the day’s offering is.

Next time I hope I’ll have a chance to try their much loved Maryland She Crab Soup…

Grand Central Oyster Bar Take Out Window, 89 East 42nd Street (in the Concourse), 212-490-6650


  • I haven’t had the gazpacho yet but of the others the Maryland She Crab soup is my fav.

    I think I will stop by today for some gazpacho.

    • I actually went with the intention of getting the She Crab soup since it has so many fans. But if I’m going to be soup blocked, at least it was with Lobster Gazpacho. Someday I’ll get that She Crab soup!

  • I concur. The she crab soup reminds me of the times when I went camping along the beaches one week for vacation. On rainy days, it’s a soup that takes me back to sunny days and ocean breezes.

    *Man, sometimes I sound like a twat.

  • damn, why this gotta be so far away from the west side!?

  • Love the lobster gazpacho. Has a nice bite to it.

  • I took Wayne 2 weeks to get over his last bout of she crabs.

  • You will NEVER get authentic Maryland ‘She Crab Soup’ in New Yawk city. Where the hell are you going to get crab roe? And for that matter, does ANYONE in NYC sip sherry? Does anyone in NYC even KNOW what sherry is?

    Give me a break. Stick to your ramen soup.

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