Cafe Daniello’s is a Great Every Day Slice

It might be just a bit out of bounds, but according to a Slice reader Cafe Daniello’s (on 2nd Ave. btw. 56+57th) makes “the best ‘normal’ slice in Midtown East.” Slice Grand Poobah Adam Kuban tried it and confirmed that it is indeed worth going a little out of your way for. We’ll see how it holds up to Pizza by Cer Te, opening tomorrow on 56th btw. Lex+3rd.


  • Great find. Thanks..i’ve been looking for good pizza near me. this might just work. Can’t wait until I try the Certe’s new pizza.

  • Daniello’s has some good under $10.00 lunch specials, as well. A decent (but not fantastic) chick parm.

  • Is Pizza by Cer Te REALLY going to open tomorrow? Seems like it’s been opening FOREVER.

  • this place is my local – the slices are good, spicy tomato sauce and tangy cheese – a reliable spot.

  • Tried it today because I was in the mood for pizza. I had a cheese and a white slice. Both were good. Their pizza is on the better end of what’s available in midtown. I liked the spicy sauce too. Worth a trip.

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