Waffles, Sweets, and Dumplings Oh My!

A quick look at the ML Twitter Tracker today… NYC Cravings is still in the shop, but Street Sweets is on 50th, Rickshaw is on 52nd, and Wafels and Dinges is also on 52nd after a clash (?) with the Papa Perrone Truck.


  • Someone explain to me how Rickshaw is still in business either by truck or storefront? Sheesh – too many NYers are just fools!

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    Allright, I wouldn’t call it a “clash”, but you could summarize that we didn’t really do our homework on 55th Street, and as a consequence, Papa P’s routine got disrupted – so he was right not to be happy.
    Good news is that we found a nice spot on 52nd betw 3rd and Lex, nice little park area too.
    We’re ready for Oxford Cafe to start handing out free waffles ;-) – or for the DoH inspectors to show up in the next hour…such is the rumor.

    • Def. a welcomed sight at 52nd btwn Lex & 3rd. Much better than Rickshaw. Hope you will try to do next Tuesday and keep it in your schedule if it looks promising.

      I shared the bacon waffle I bought and the ladies that sit near me really enjoyed it.

  • Yesterday the treats truck and Shnitzle was in Perrone’s spot. Today this? What’s up with that?

  • oooh waffle truck in a spot i can actually get to!!! please stay late!

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    A generic hot dog cart with stale pretzels would be an improvement over the Zoltowski Swine Shack’s crappy pizza, dried out artichoke dung and leaden rice balls.

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