Everybody Agrees, Midtown Pizza Sucks

I won’t even pretend to be smart enough to understand anything about this New York Pizza report put together by statistics consultant and Columbia Grad student Jared Lander. But there is one thing that was pretty clear: average people think the pizza in Midtown sucks… and I’m pretty sure the experts agree.


  • This is retarded growing up in Bensonhurst I know what good pizza is, the problem with these people is they dont.

  • I agree – you need to know where to look. Little Italy on 43rd btwn 5th and Madison is always a solid choice – only problem is the line is usually out the door.

  • little italy isnt that great.

  • No love for Pizza Suprema?

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    they dare ignore the power of the pizza cone?

    i had one today finally… tastes just like one of those frozen deep dish personal pizzas you can get at costco or something :-P

    so yeah… pizza cone doesn’t help this argument at all

  • totally….$hit.

  • Man, still no love for the authentic NY slice at Sbarro.

    And 2 Bros. doens’t suck. Just a broke/poor/cheapskate’s paradise though.

  • Lazzara’s on 38th, La Beleca on 40th, there’s good pizza in Midtown

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    Hey everybody,
    I just wanted to jump in here and say that I personally have nothing against Midtown pizza. In fact, I really love New York Pizza Suprema along with Angelo’s and the John’s on 44th. But I’ve got to report the stats as they are.

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    First of all New York Pizza Suprema isn’t in Midtown but rather in Chelsea on 31st and 8th Ave. Mr. Lander just stated the facts as he understands them to be. He agrees that NY Pizza Suprema and others are deserving of being top ten (even though he mistakenly believes Suprema to be in midtown). My opinion folks is that all others must bow down to the mighty Suprema. PS. Im italian and born and raised in bensonhurst

  • Pizza Suprema is great. I only like the chicken parm and sicilians from La Beleca. I think Lazzara’s is over rated. The slices are overpriced and undersized. Even at $1.50 I struggle to justify patronage. Oddly, their pizza is the most similar to what I encounter overseas.

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