Indian Pizza Closes to Make Way for Another Ramen Spot?


Sad sad news from Lunch’er “Cecil” yesterday…

“My coworkers and I were grouping together to order some Indian Pizza from Bombay Eats on 52nd Street. Sadly, when we called, the owner picked up and said they lost their lease and are no longer in business. You could hear the construction workers breaking down the restaurant in the background. A sad day for Midtown Lunch.”

That’s upsetting. Their saag and tandoori chicken topped pizzas were one of a kind. (And nothing at all like what passes for “Indian Pizza” in Queens.) There is a rumor floating around that the spot is going to be turned into a ramen joint, but nothing has been confirmed…

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    That is sad. On my way home, I saw one of the workers standing outside the restaurant with a big piece of equipment. I thought they were just cleaning or something. I hope this means that Mi Nidito will stay open. (and maybe they could combine the restaurants and start serving indian pizza as well).

  • <> A certain someone tipped y’all to this a week and a half ago through twitter….granted that person had no camera phone to document the signage….but still ;-)

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    I’d feel bad about the indian pizza if only the indian food was decent. But its not. Bombay Eats was just not good.

    Bring on the ramen.

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