St Patrick’s Day Baked Goods?

There’s nothing we hate more than bloggers who write about the free food they score (and honesty isn’t an issue- we as readers just don’t want to hear about the free shit that you got and we didn’t). That being said, Yvo keeps our forums well stocked so I feel obligated to point you to her round up of St. Paddy’s Day treats being offered at Grand Central.


  • St.Patrick will be spinning in his fucking grave.

  • Those are abominations.

  • I’m down for the Shamrock brownie. Not for the Blue cheese or butter cookies though.

  • you should have mailed them back Yvo. you don’t take handouts!

    damn the man!!!

  • Aw, Zach, if you were still here you’d have totally gotten lots of free stuff, and you’d be the one gloating. I think you’re just jealous!

    Though the leprechaun scares me.

    • Gloating in private of course, since you don’t take free stuff. *wink*

      • I wish I could just take free stuff in private! Grand Central doesn’t offer me free stuff anymore because they know I won’t post about it.

        That’s why the whole “I wasn’t obligated to post about it” thing that bloggers do is so disingenuous. If they stopped posting about their free stuff, places would stop sending them free stuff. :-)

  • lol, I only came here to say “Hey, I’m a poor college student – cut me some slack!” but in response to your last comment, Zach, actually, there are a couple of places that constantly send me stuff that I have never posted about. It isn’t malicious on my part – it just is stuff that doesn’t fit the profile of my site (a la someone trying to send you salad stuff, or kitchenware, let’s say). I should tell them to stop sending me stuff, but I forget. Oops. :) I’ll take the ribbing in the manner it’s intended though – all in good fun :P

  • That reminds me – David Chang said in an interview he never comps anyone – he would even charge his own parents to eat at Momofuku. Good principle – treat everyone equally!

    I also like how he wanted to first attract clientele by getting Japanese strippers to eat at his restaurant – no joke – but he didnt’ comp them so they didn’t go back. LOL.

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