Kyochon Still Not Open For Lunch

And now for today’s obligatory Kyochon update: still not open for lunch.  “We will definitely be open for lunch on Monday.”  Uh… you do know what the word definitely means, right? *Sigh*


  • The reviews haven’t been stellar. The wings are apparently very crappy quality–no meat, all bones and skin, and pricey to boot! BOOOOOO! This place will not last long if things don’t change. Just me gut feeling. I am giving Pizzacone another 2 months and they’ll be gone as well…

  • Crappy delay on the lunchtime debut does leave it less to be desired by most but I’d probably only go for dinner instead of dealing with the lunch crowd. Poor quality of wings is not a good sign either. They better do something or Bon Chon/MFC will win.
    Maybe I should just visit the one in Queens instead.

  • Make your own StreetMeas! It is SOOOO easy….and if you order from Fresh Direct, you get some nice qualty wings! People like 1849 and the old Scruffy duffy’s–but I daresay mine are better (if you like deathwings with ghost chili)!

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