Frites N Meats To Attempt Midtown Today

It’s confirmed… barring any issues with parking (and you know it’s going to happen) the Frites N Meats Truck will be in Midtown today.  They’re hoping to park either on 51st or 52nd Street near 6th Ave.  To confirm, check their Twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker.  We wish them the best of luck…


  • my lunch is sorted for today. thx!

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    I just finished lunch from them. The burger was ok, nothing special. Even though it was cooked medium and had a pink center, it was a little dry.

    The fries on the other hand taste like Burger King fries, I even think they have that spray on starch. They are certainly not Belgian Frites in any way, shape or form. I have never even heard of a shoe-string sized frite before. They have nerve charging $3. You would be better off with the $.99 value menu fries from BK/McD, at least they might be hot.

    I can’t imagine that this truck will be in business by the end of the year.

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    a little harsh that they won’t be in business by the end of the year, but agree that the burger could have been better – too much gristle… and I went for the wagyu, which I assumed would be better quality

    didn’t get the fries so I have no comment on them

    overall, not bad for a once-in-a-while divergence from my regular lunch spots, but still a little disappointing

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