New CSA Starting in Midtown East

I know this isn’t really Midtown Lunch’ish (fat man no like vegetables!), but for those of you who are interested in cooking and farmers markets and the such I thought you might be interested in this.  A new CSA is launching in Midtown East this spring, and the pick up time is perfect for anybody who works in Midtown and likes to cook.  CSA (for those of you who have never heard of it) stands for community supported agriculture and it’s essentially a chance for you to support sustainable farming by purchasing a share in a farm.

You give the farm money up front, before the growing season, and then every week during the harvest you get a portion of all the crops they grow.  It costs about $20 a week, and it is always a gamble (the more or less that grows, the more or less you get), but based on last year’s bounty this seems like a really good farm.  The delivery/pick up- which will happen every Tuesday from 5-8pm on 47th btw. 2+3rd- starts on the first week  of June, but you have to join by the end of April.  For more info go to


  • Wish it was a “Green Turtle”.

  • i so want to split a share with someone….

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    Can I just do a vegetable share?

  • Because rutabaga, kale & rhubarb are best acquired 10 pounds at a time

  • I’ve been mulling this over for a few months… living in a studio, I’m concerned as to where the hell I’m going to put what seems like 12 lbs of potatoes.

  • I would be open to sharing as well. I would be all over a co-op that provided organic meats- chicken, fish, beef etc. Does anyone know of such a place?

  • @Atlgrrl: A lot of these CSA farms also raise organic meats. They’re not a part of the CSA share but you can purchase the meat separately. Just contact the farm to make sure.

  • @hungry: thanks for the tip! i’ll look into it.
    Also CrumbHunter.. i think they encourage sharing.. i found this on their site-

    Concerned that a share might be too much for you? Split it with a friend or neighbor. Many members do just that.

    • but what if there’s only one tomato? do we dice up everything at the pickup site?

      • Yvo and I split a CSA share. We would either bring a knive to split everything down the middle, or take turns, as in, one person takes the tomato one week, then the other person takes it the other week.

  • It’s CSA madness time! I started researching joining one last night, and now have four options with this one. It looks like you can ask for a half share on the registration form, but they don’t guarantee it will happen. I might be down for a split since they only do vegetables and eggs-need to weigh all my options first.

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    I’d love to do it, and I think this one looks like a good one, but I don’t want to deal with carrying everything home to Jersey City.

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    Thanks for posting this Zach! If anyone has questions, please email me at: turtlebaycsa at gmail dot com. To answer a few of those posted so far: Yes, you can do just a veggie share. We also offer egg shares. We are looking into the possibility of offering poultry and fruit shares. We will post info on our website and email registered members if either of these happen.

    If you want to be paired with someone to split the share, email me and/or register on our website and we will do our best to pair you with someone. Ideally, if you can find someone to split the share with that’s the best case scenario. I can email you a copy of our flyer if you’d like to see it.

    Thanks, Zach!


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