Fahima Cart Noodles Are Like Halal College Food

I reported recently on the brotherly rivalry that is pitting cart against cart, Fahima against Kwik Meal, and now Muhammed’s pasta against Muhammed’s pasta. Yes, to confuse matters even more they both have the same first name. Someone dig up Richard Dawson because ladies and gentleman what we have here is a Family Feud!

I can only assume that the Fahima stir-fried noodles are a direct counterpoint to the Kwik Meal Pasta cart that debuted last year. Mohammed Mahbub Rahman, the owner of the Fahima cart, has the same streak of entrepreneurship as his brother. He has impressively taken on serving biriyani along with his lamb and chicken and made a good impression with this street eater. Now it was time to try these noodles and see if they are substantive, unique and, as is our M.O. here on ML, worthy of your hard earned dollars.

On quick inspection it’s petty obvious this is nothing like what is being served at the Kwik Pasta cart. Fahima’s stir fried noodles seem to be cooked ramen-like noodles given a quick sauté on the griddle then topped with Halal chicken, scrambled egg, some grilled onion and seasoning. If you can’t handle spice make sure to request none of the red and green hot sauce because it adds a serious punch, which I really liked.

There was a familiar, almost Lipton soup flavor to the yellow noodles that I can’t put my finger on. I can’t say it was bad but it wasn’t anything close to fresh pasta or what you would consider a stir-fry. In general if you can appreciate the unadulterated ramen at Woorijip where basic dried noodles are boiled then topped with your choice of meat and veggies, then you’ll probably like this. It’s the Halal street cart version but not a worthy competitor to the Kwik Pasta cart. Would I get it again? Doubtful, but it wasn’t a waste of my money either. There are worse things out there then spicy “ramen” noodles with chicken and a soda for $5.

Fahima Halal Takes On Kwik Meal *And* The Biriyani Cart


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