No Girl Scout Cookies For Midtown

Some people in the forums were asking about Girl Scout cookies recently… sadly, even though the Girl Scout National HQ is in Midtown their annual Manhattan sale is going to be on 23rd Street. Get all the details (plus more tax info then seems necessary for a $4 box of cookies) on Blondie and Brownie.


  • GAWD, I love Girl Scout cookies. I have been enjoying their cookies WAY before most of you cubicle-worker drones on MTL were born.

    Part of the reason that I love Girl Scouts is because I was a Boy Scout, unlike most of you New Yawk City kids.

    Actually, I was an ‘Eagle Scout’ when I was in high school in Houston, Texas (you can ‘Google’ it if you are intelligent enough).

    I guess I get a little irritated about folks in New Yawk City and their attitude towards the Girl Scouts.

    Yeah, now let’s bring on all the “TROLL SPOTTERS”, which, to their feeble minds means ANYONE who is more intelligent than they — which drives them crazy.

    That’s why they all, led by the imbecile ‘FRED’, want me “eliminated” from his wonderful blog — ‘they’ simply cannot face the truth.

    Well, whatever.

    Carry on.

    • DocChuck09, I’ll have to make sure to say a special prayer for you. I really hope one of these days that you recover from whatever condition you’re afflicted with that causes you such anger and resentment.

      • Thanks, number one ‘Troll Spotter’ for your ‘special prayer.’

        And may I ask which formal, organized religion is your ‘prayer’ being offered?

        I’m only asking because inquiring minds need to know what we are up against.

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