Midtown Dumpling Fail

Is it just me or does it seem like Downtown and L.A. are ganging up on us today?  Chris posted about Fried Dumpling, where he downed a “jury duty lunch” of 25 (!?!) dumplings for $5.  And Zach posted about the brand new Dim Sum Truck in Los Angeles.  Uh…yeah… we get it. Dumplings in Midtown suck.  Leave us alone to sulk.


  • Rickshaw Dumpling Tru… oh fuckit

  • Fried Dumpling ALMOST makes jury duty bearable. That place is a gem.

  • Kind of a DIY ML, but there’s a place directly across the street from the Grand Street metro that has huge bags of awesome frozen dumplings for under $10. I boil them the regular way, but I might try an “office prep” experiment with a bowl of water in a microwave.

  • Seriously no dumplings in ML can compare to chinatown or a truck totally dedicated to dim sum.
    Rickshaw and Cravings do NOT have a chance IMO. Travel downtown instead! Take LONGER lunch breaks. lol.

  • Steven, I’ve cooked dumplings in the microwave at work before, it’s not ideal, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do in name of a tasty lunch

  • I sous vide my dumplings in the bathroom sink ever since the office made me get rid of my desktop Fryolator. Still works like a charm.

  • go to mantao for dumplings…best you will get midtown.

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    Vanessa’s on Eldridge St. is the best place for cheap dumplings in Chinatown, especially since their recent expansion. The sesame pancake with beef is so good that I never did mind waiting at the cramped counter 20 minutes for my order to be filled, but now that more seating has been added and the ordering process is organized and computerized, I don’t have to. Doesn’t even bother me that their dumplings have gone up in price to only 4 for $1.

    There’s also a location on 14th St if you can’t make it all the way downtown for lunch; the food is more expensive and the pancake sandwiches are different, but it’s still well worth the price.

  • There is a Joe’s Shanghai in midtown. More expensive and not as delicious as Chinatown? Yes.

    But when you are craving soup dumplings, you take what you can get!

  • vanessa’s are one of my favs too..i have them frozen in my freezer now.

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