Oh Glorious Day

The sun is shining down on the ML Twitter Tracker and all seems right in the world again… Schnitzel & Things is on 52nd, the Steak Truck is back after a mini vacation, Jiannetto’s is on 47th, Cravings is on 48th with shumai, and Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th) introduces their March sandwich today- the “Fall of Saigon”, a buffalo chicken banh mi.


  • I thought the Fall of Saigon tastes great. It’s buffalo chicken on something like a kaiser roll with lettuce, and julienne carrots and cucumber. Pretty far off from a banh mi flavor and texture wise, but I don’t think that was the point.


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    I would have to disagree… I was expecting a banh mi.. and nothing about it is really banh me.. the buffalo taste overpowers everything.. the chicken flavor is good, but the bread is not anything to write home about.. no texture.. it was fine.. but.. wouldn’t order it again.. can’t wait for thursday for the chubby chinese girl sandwich again..

  • Boy…who came up with the name for that? Next they’ll have a maki roll called the “Fat Man” or “V-J Day” Bukkake Udon…or a French Dip named the “Waterloo.”

  • Honestly, if you put good wing sauce and blue cheese on a bucket of gravel, I’d probably like it. So maybe I’m not the best judge. It’s definitely not a banh mi, and they probably shouldn’t have even made the comparison. I agree about the name as well, it seemed a bit insensitive. Kind of like when the typical western-themed summer camp names their infirmary “wounded knee”. There’s trying to be cute and then there’s huge cultural faux pas.

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