Chocolate Hamantaschen Return to Zaro’s


One of my very first Zaro’s memories is having Chocolate Hamantaschen for breakfast after training into the city from Connecticut to decide if I wanted to attend NYU.  I can’t say that the hamantaschen were so good that they tipped the scales, but they certainly didn’t hurt.  Sadly, for the past couple of years I’ve had a hard time finding Zaro’s chocolate hamantaschen, but this year they are back!


Now I’m but a gentile, so I can’t compare these hamantaschen to years worth of the authentic Bubbe-made variety, but as a hamantaschen loving shiksa, I can say that the chocolate ones at Zaro’s are darn tasty.  The cookie part is like a light, slightly lemony shortbread and the chocolate filling has a similarly shortbready texture, but at least it’s nice and chocolately.

My brother picked me up one on his way into the city on Friday and said that while they have the hamantaschen on hand, the hardest part might be getting the staff to give you the right thing.  When he asked for one, the lady handed him a biscotti–so don’t be afraid to specify the “triangle cookies.”  Purim technically ended last night at sundown, but there’s a good chance that there will still be cookies available today.

Zaro’s (Multiple Locations)

  • Grand Central Station
  • Penn Station
  • Port Authority
  • 37th btw. B’way+7th
  • 41st & Lexington


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