ML Forums: Duane Reade Sushi; Chowhound Sucks


  • Hell yeas, Bonnies is the bomb-diggity! Their burgers are the best too. (they do a lamb burger special stuffed with goat cheese and topped with jalapenos too!)… Ok not Midtown I’ll stop now ;-P

  • Zach – okay… we know that the walgreens sandwich is off the table (literally, since some of us had to eat it in your stead). When you visit NYC, will you try the Duane Reade Sushi?

  • Zach — Will you try the DR sandwich?(Not the Eli Zabar ones, either.) They gotta be real fresh if they’re dated for sale for a whole month, right? Or was the 3/12 stamp a reference to March 2012?

  • Being a local chain (as opposed to Walgreen’s being national) you can trust that Duane Reade’s sushi is made with quality, locally-sourced ingredients.

  • AWWWwww, come on guys!

    Bill Clinton is in the hospital there in New Yawk City, and adam is talking trash about the ‘walgreens sandwich’?

    My GAWD! When will we get our priorities straightened out here?

    After all, Billy has an office there in Harlem (New Yawk City),and I think than we should ALL be a bit more respectful of my fellow Arkansas buddy.

    Carry on, please, adamprato.

    • DocChuck09 – For someone who touts his education and for someone who follows my every word, along with those of many other ML’ers, your characterization of my comments is off base. I didn’t ‘trash talk’ the ‘walgreens sandwich’. I commented that Zach has publically refused to eat the sandwich, both on this website when confronted with two sandwiches in person.

      Carry on, please, Cockchug09.

  • I’ll get back to you, adamprato, as soon as I ‘Google’ “touts.”

    I mean do you throw around these big, obscure words just to confuse me when I am attempting to figure out what “Chowhound Sucks” means?

    Carry on, please, adamprato, from your cubicle.

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