Generic Deli Tries to Get in On the $5 Lunch Thing


Thanks to Subway $5 is the magic lunch number these days. Not only has Arby’s, KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut rolled out $5 deals of their own, but now generic Midtown delis are getting into the act.  They were closed yesterday, but Cafe Bonjour (on 38th btw. 5+6th) reopened today with a new $5 lunch special.  For a fiver you can an entree with one side, a cheeseburger deluxe with fries, or any of their sandwiches.  No drink included.

Oooooh, new business idea! I can take a dump in a box and label it $5 (I’ve got time)… but just because something is $5 doesn’t make it worthwhile, right? (And why waste your time when you can always have the original $5 lunch… a plate of street meat!)  You know how we feel about generic Midtown delis, so we’ll let you guys be the early adopters on this one… if Cafe Bonjour has anything worthwhile, let us know in the comments.

Cafe Bonjour, 18 West 38 St. (btw 5+6th Ave), 212 575 7070


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    Geez, why not just say something positive like “Generic deli tries to not be so generic”?

  • This is getting crazy first you try and pitch a vegan restaurant and now your putting down a great ML deal. As much as Zach hates these delis he would be interested in a deli trying to break the mold. You guys just dont get it.

    • You know how much I hate these delis? I suggested this post be written exactly the way it was written. :-)

      Complain or disagree all you want in the comments (you know they’re not moderated, and I encourage other opinions)… but can we drop the whole “Zach would never do this” thing? I’m still here… and nothing goes up on this site without me reading it first.

      • yeah I mean I know its predictable that ppl would get all nuts all over a single post about a vegetarian restaurant (and I know I’m thread-jacking here) but I’m getting a little tired of the “these are not authentic ML posts and its b/c Zach is gone” theme. Not everyone just wants to read about plates of chicken and rice all the time! SOME of us eat cookies! And vegetables! ALL as part of OUR MIDTOWN LUNCH!!!!

  • Wow, what has this place done to deserve a bashing without anyone having actually tried the food. I’m trying to figure out what’s the problem here – a deli that is looking to not completely overcharge me for a sandwich…hmmm…I’ll take a sandwich from a generic deli over Subway any day.

    Not everyone wants to eat street meat from a cart every day.

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    “Oooooh, new business idea! I can take a dump in a box and label it $5…”

    Okay – I’m not a complainer/hater at all. However, I’ve seen so many posts tagged “The ML Team” since Zach’s departure that I feel the need to opine.

    Clearly, one individual wrote this post based upon the use of the first-person pronoun that appears above. From a reader’s perspective, it is nice to know who is posting because anonymity destroys accountability. From the author’s perspective, what is there to hide? You care enough about a topic to broadcast it to the world, but would rather not stand behind the content personally?

    I read only one other blog – Above the Law – and I’ve never seen a post anonymized – each post is directly attributable to an actual author. That way, when readers think a post is awesome, they can let the author know. Alternatively, when readers think a post sucks, they can let the author know. I really hope this trend stops on ML because it is chipping away at the authenticity that makes the blog enjoyable in the first place.

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    @D – simple way to avoid all of the garbage:

    Only read those articles with bylines of Mama and Zach.
    (not to be construed as a complaint as it’s constructive advice)

    …and before one of the imbeciles post one of their idiotic comments the only reason I’m here was the hope that Wayne was going to post a “my crap in a box” video or something equally smarmy.

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    Zach says –
    “…nothing goes up on this site without me reading it first.”

    Zach – if you screen all posts prior to publishing, why can’t you demand that the author’s identify themselves? It is really important for this to happen.

    Other than that – I’m really liking the expansion and will gladly start up Midtown Lunch NOLA if you want to start it up. Beats law.

  • Sorry… the “I can take a dump in a box” thing is a Tommy Boy reference, and it was my addition to the post (and not meant to be taken literally.) It’s also the reason why so many of these posts are attributed to the team. Because it was collaborative. (For example, danny took the photo, but didn’t write the post.)

    I just thought it was funny that a generic deli is jumping on the whole corporate $5 gimmick. That thing has been so successful for Subway that everybody is trying to figure out how to repackage their meals into $5 bundles, because most people care more that it’s $5 then whether or not it’s a good sub. I just thought it was funny that a generic deli is now hopping on that bandwagon… that’s all.

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    What’s a six letter word beginning with “d” for a river in Africa?

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    Zach writes:
    “…it was collaborative. (For example, danny took the photo, but didn’t write the post.)”

    Most publications, both print and electronic, handle this by simply adding a photo credit. So instead of “The ML Team,” the post can be tagged “Posted by Zach, Photo by Danny.”

  • I recognized the Tommy Boy ref immediately and thought it was hilarious. I’m wondering if Ketchup Popsicles have ever been mentioned on MTL before!

    People need to calm down. I read MTL for informative purposes. I don’t like everything that Zach and & other people like. But it’s great to know what’s around. No one said this Bonjour Deli was any good, just that it’s taking on a trend.

    Second, who cares if an article is anonymous or not. If Zach is proofing, great! If not, and the quality, OVER TIME, of the content goes down, then people will stop reading, the website will loose “hits”. No need to explain further.

    No one likes change and everyone is bummed Zach isn’t here, but at the end of the day, it’s still the go-to website when trying to find new places to eat or good deals for lunch. If you read something you don’t like, move on to the next story.

  • @username: i second that emotion.

    @zach: seems you’ve become the unwilling leader of a personality cult and with minions jonesing for your kool-aid

  • Bossman, we’ll need a complete report on this deli, or on the 5-dollar-crap-in-a-box – your call, either is fine

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    Why even bother making the post if you haven’t tried the $5 deal? Wtf.

  • I’m OK with a joke or 2. But seriously, a $5 lunch deal is in the POSITIVE spirit of ML, at least as I’ve come to know it over the past few years. I agree with “username1″(!): whoever reported this SHOULD HAVE TRIED A SANDWICH/BURGER FIRST, so there would actually be something to report. If “the ML Team” gets the info on this deal and can take a photo, “the ML Team” should also be capable of checking it out and actually reporting something instead of “leaving it to the readers.” Or is “the ML Team” too cheap to splurge for a $5 lunch?

    I’ll venture to say that I’d bet if Zach passed by this deal in his wanderings, he’d stop in and try it (even a deli, for $5–it’s still not Walgreens) and THEN report on it. I too read ML for the info. This post represents a surprising/disappointing LACK of info. Whoever discovered/reported this deal, get off your butt and TRY it, then submit some actual info!

    I’m sure some readers will try this and report in. But if that’s how things run now, then why (with very few exceptions) have a ML Team”? Just have readers submit and Zach proof/approve/publish.

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    I work for nearby, and all of us love Cafe Bonjour. There really nice people, and the food is great. We have so many options, but everyone chooses to go to Cafe Bonjour. I found my self bringing my own lunch to work like a lot of people over the last couple months, but with this deal I can afford it again.

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    Clearly, you have never been to Café Bonjour… perhaps you should have tried it before you made any comments. After reading your review, the first thing that came to mind is to feel pity for you; obviously, you do not know what quality food is. KFC is defiantly the kind of place you deserve to keep buying your meals. I hope you are 15… if you are older please visit your doctor.
    I work many blocks away from Café Bonjour and I still take the time to have lunch there. Their menu is great, the quality of their food is superb, the place is very clean and the staff could not be any nicer. There is no comparison between Café Bonjour’s $5.00 meals and any other place known that offers that price.
    When it comes to food I am difficult to satisfy but Café Bonjour have never failed me. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT YOUR REGULAR GENERIC DELI.

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    My sentiments are the same as the other readers here. Why waste our time giving opinions on a place you haven’t even tried? I was actually in search of places that offer $5 lunches because I am currently strapped for money, when I found these posts… I feel that it would be more beneficial for all of us to stick to the purpose of this site, which is to share great places where one can get a delicious lunch on the cheap!



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