Twittering Vendors Are Staying Home; Old School Vendors Not Deterred

Photo courtesy of Blondie

The ML Twitter Tracker is looking like a school cancellation list… Cravings Truck, Jiannetto’s, Rickshaw Dumplings, Street Sweets,  Treats Truck, and Wafels and Dinges have all “called in sick” today.  But for a lot of the old school vendors it’s business as usual.  The Biriyani Cart (on 46th and 6th) and Kwik Meal (on 45th and 6th) are both working today, and when we asked O’Neill about his Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st and 7th) he replied “Ain’t no snow going to keep us from working!”  Gotta love it.

If you actually made it into work today, and can stand to be outside for an extra few minutes- support your street vendors today.  And let us know who else is out in the comments…  these vendors are busting their ass for us, and the fact that they are out today shows you that every penny they make is super important. Let’s show them some support.

UPDATE: via Twitter… “The tamale lady in front of the Mexican embassy (oft lauded by Midtown Lunch) is so hardcore. She’s still out there, even with all the snow! “


  • Usually neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will keep the 53rd Street Halal Guys from their appointed Chicken and lamb over rice, either!

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    The cart on 45th and 6th(North East Corener, infront of Starbucks) was outside earlier.

  • This just proves that Twitter is indeed for twits!!!!

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    Is Carnegie John out there? I’m feeling a burger.

    The last two times Zach gave the “support your vendors” call I trudged up there, only to see he was on vacation and had stand ins.

    BTW, it’s especially lame that PEOPLE WHO CAN STAND INSIDE TRUCKS AND SELL COOKIES don’t want to open up.

  • I might have to hit rafiqui’s for the 2nd day in a row to support my street vendor.

  • If anyone goes to the tamale lady or walks by, please tip her well! Poor lady I feel so bad for her :-(

  • Wow, good to know who is ready come through on street foods, despite any weather conditions.

  • You New Yawk City twits are starting to sound like pussies.

    Here in D.C. and in Maryland, we’re getting a blizzard that would make you ‘Twitter Tracker’s’ wet your panties.

    Come on girls (and guys), suck it up. Get out there and support those ‘Old School Vendors’ that are trying to keep you fed (since you are incapable of feeding yourselves).

    I mean, without them, what would you have to eat?

    Carry on, Twitters.

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