Dorie Greenspan’s CookieBar Field Report, Day 2

I know some of you are sick of hearing about cookies… but whatever. Having Dorie Greenspan selling cookies in Midtown is exciting. She’s an amazing cookbook author, an all around great person, and I’m kind of bummed I’m not there to try them myself. Thankfully Blondie and Brownie are there to pick up the slack. It’s Valentine’s Day week people… all you cookie haters should lighten up! -Zach


Dorie Greenspan and her crew baked over 1,000 cookies in preparations for Tuesday’s crowds at her pop up CookieBar (on Park Ave. btw. 59+60th), but when we arrived at 1:20ish yesterday afternoon, they were already down to their last dozen.  Only the Peanut Butter Crisscrosses and the Sugar Topped Molasses Cookies remained.  Naturally we had to try them both.


As earlier reports have noted, the Peanut Butter Crisscrosses ($2.00) are loaded with peanutty goodness (hello, chopped salted peanuts!), but are a little dry.  If you like your peanut butter cookies to be a more on the crisp side, this cookie is for you, but if you tend to prefer a chewier cookie, you might be a bit disappointed in this one.  Meanwhile, the Molasses Cookie ($1.75) had crispy exterior, but a more chewy center.  It was sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, with a nice spicy kick.


The pop up cookie bar at Mizu Salon runs through Saturday.  We totally plan on going back to try the Chocolate Chunkers, as well as the World Peace Cookies and Coconut Lime Cookies. Dorie and co. promised to bake tons of cookies for today, but I would still get there early (even though the inclement weather might keep the crowds somewhat at bay.)


Check their twitter for supply updates so you don’t end up cookieless.

CookieBar @Mizu Salon, 505 Park Avenue, btwn 59+60th


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    I too got to try some yesterday and have to say – World Peace and Coconut Lime are amazing. The Peanut Butter was good, but not $2 good and I agree with you on the dryness.

    Coconut Lime – I did not expect to like it but turned out to be a really great sort of key lime cookie and I HATE coconut.

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    “Non-asian soups aren’t a good ML topic because they blow out a 10 dollar lunch budget”

    Nods all around. Including from me. Despite the fact that non-asian soups are a MASSIVE part of work lunching in midtown, and a gaping hole in ML. That’s cool.

    But $3 gourmet cookies somehow fit the budget, the blog and deserve a huge amount of space?


    I know you’re talking to me about being the cookie hater. I’m not. And some reader telling someone what to put in their blog is asinine. Do what you want.

    But here’s how it looks to me: I have a certain number of attention slices available per day. I give some of that to ML, because in return I get very focused, good information about cheap tasty lunches near where I work.

    If I hand out that attention slice, which all blogs, sites, etc., compete for 24/7, but in return I get less of the actual information I come to Midtown Lunch for, then the return on my attention diminishes.

    I’m not a cookie hater. That’s insane. Cookies are awesome. Blondie and Brownie are cool. The pictures are pretty. It’s just that fancy-pants cookies are an information market served well elsewhere, and have little to do with what I had thought ML was all about.

    But then again, maybe I’m just bitter because cookies are gettin all the love and non-asian soups get turned away at the door.

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    That and the fact that we can go to blogs specializing in that very thing written by the very same people!

    ML is quickly becoming an aggregator rather than the source for fresh info regarding LUNCH in midtown.

    Might as well just post those roundup links of other blogs and be done with it.

    Zach can spin it all he likes the fact is it’s subtraction by addition, pure and simple.

    I’ve had my say, I’m done complaining. It is what it is and if that’s what Zach wants more power to him, I wish him well.

  • Thanks for the well wishes… and I’m glad you’re *finally* done complaining. :-)

  • I’m not ‘glad’. I think that Bossman is, ….

    Never mind, I understand that no one cares what I think, but UNLIKE adamprato, I am not going to go home and “cry.”

    Hell, right now, my Maryland ‘home’ is covered with about 8 feet (yeah, EIGHT feet!) of frickin’ snow.

    Carry on, BM!

    P.S., FUCK snow.

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    Bossman and MikeMYC are correct that the blog has become more “cookie-centric”, but you have to give Zach a hell of a lot of credit for pulling the transition together in a matter of weeks. I’m assuming he’s not paying his replacements a boatload of money (perhaps not even the cost of the meals they are reviewing), nor is he cleaning up on this website (or he wouldn’t have taken the risk of moving to LA). It is a labor of love and thank God it is continuing in his absence. He’s somehow kept this thing together with bubblegum and toothpicks while moving thousands of miles away. And as for soups? They are really all the same. I’ve never had a truly horrible or excellent soup anywhere in Midtown.

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