Tumbador Chocolate Hearts Now Available at Joe

Monday mornings are always hellish affairs (especially when it’s rainy, windy, and sick passengered like mine was last Monday) but leave it to Joe and the Art of Coffee in Grand Central to give me a mood uplift from Tumbador Chocolates! Yes, it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day and I have fully gotten into the spirit (I already have a box of special Valentine’s Funfetti!) So when I saw the little red foil hearts in the usual Tumbador Lil’ Devils/Ring Dings jar, I was super excited to try one. Making a mental note for myself to come back during lunchtime turned out to be a near fatal move. I popped back in around 1, and more than half the jar was emptied of red hearts! But thankfully I did get one.


These are going to be a hot commodity, selling out before some people even get the chance to try one, just like the Ring Dings; so if you see one, get your hands on it! It’s the same sweet and moist chocolate cake as the Lil’ Devil, but instead of sweet cream inside, the filling is a raspberry jam and white chocolate concoction. Sweet, but not cloying, I like how someone is giving the raspberry some action in the Valentine’s game- that’s very refreshing. The filling is so perfect and complementary that even the color allows it to stand out from the darkness of the cake. Some might think that $2.75 is a bit much to pay for a little heart full of goodness, but to that I say fine… the more left for me to stuff my face with.

Joe The Art of Coffee, Graybar Passage (off Lex.) in Grand Central Terminal, 212-661-8580


  • Cool, I saw those in the jar on Friday night when I got my Joe coffee. I only get the coffee there so you can eat more ring-dings and hearts. ;)

  • I’ve had both the ring ding and heart mini cakes. they are AWESOME! I’m glad I roll through early enough that there’s always a full jar!

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