Farewell Lunch Tour Day 4: Stew Peas at the Dutchy

So as painful as it is to say, this is my last week of full time Midtown Lunching. Don’t worry… the site isn’t going anywhere, but I’m moving to L.A. so this week I’m making sure to hit all the places I’ll miss the most. A “Farewell Lunch Tour” if you will. Here’s where I’ll be today…


It’s no secret that I’ve always been down with the Jamaican Dutchy cart (on 51st and 7th Ave.)  Since the very first day they opened, almost 3 years ago, I’ve been a fan of their jerk chicken, sweet and sour chicken, oxtails, and curried goat- despite the long waits. But it wasn’t until a lunch back in October that my feelings for the Dutchy went from schoolboy crush, to complete and total adulation. It was the first day I tried their stew peas.


I had heard a lot of good things about the Thursday stew peas special at the Dutchy, but what I never realized was that it’s not your average stew. It’s a pig’s tail stew! (How did I not know this before? So many wasted years sans stew peas…) Now I love me some pig’s tails (in fact I had some for dinner last night) and the Jamaican Dutchy’s version is surprisingly tender, and tasty and delicious. And it’s from a cart. And it’s under $10. What more could you possible want?

Clearly I can’t leave for L.A. without one more plate of the Dutchy’s stew peas. So screw the weather, today at Noon I’ll be on 51st and 7th… see you in line!

Jamaican Dutchy’s Stew Peas Is One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten From A Cart
The Jamaican Dutchy… a Midtown Cart on Island Time


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