Sushi Serving Thai Restaurant Adds Pho & Bubble Tea

New York Thai Grill and Sushi

Who thought it would be a good idea to add Vietnamese food to a Thai restaurant that already serves sushi.  Seriously?  As much as I like pho (and bubble tea), I don’t think that this is going to be the thing to take New York Thai Grill and Sushi (on 54th btw. 5+6th) over the top. Has anybody discovered a dish they do well?  I can’t imagine there is anything that could get me to try a place that does Thai, sushi, and Vietnamese soups.  What’s that you say?  They offer a $23 all you can eat thai food and sushi dinner… uh, well I suppose I could be persuaded to check it out for dinner.  You know… for research purposes. Anybody been?

New York Thai Grill and Sushi, 37 W 54th St (btw 5+6th Ave), 212-581-8808

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  • there is nothing about this that sounds remotely appealing to me. no way does this place have fresh fish AND good pho broth.

  • Pho from a Thai place? I’ll sooner order Pad Thai from a Chinese take-out place…

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    Their pad thai is by far the worst pad thai I’ve ever had. It’s sickly sweet, and the noodles are pink.

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    The woman who owned this place used to have a second location.

    The only things that I found they did well (different cook, so results may vary):

    - Panang and Green Curry

    - Spicy Basil Fried Rice w/chicken — extra spicy

    - Gai Pad Prik Bai Krapao

    - Po Pia Tod (appetizer) are rather small and thin but crunchy and decent

    I think that they do a lunch menu, but I’ve only eaten the full priced meals – so I cannot comment on lunch portion size, but the dinner portions had plenty of protein.

    Their Pad Thai had a funky color and is just bad.

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    Isn’t it part of the point of MidtownLunch that Zach has to try the disgusting pho so that I don’t have to? Missing Zach already…

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    I fucking hate Asian fusion restaurants.

  • Cynical Foodie sounds cynical.

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    It’s not a fusion restaurant. It’s a restaurant that has Thai items, Japanese items, and Vietnamese items. These are not fused together in any way other than the fact that they’re under the same roof.

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