Munch Truck Brings Fish & Chips to the Streets

Munch Truck

Last week Lunch’er Bill tipped us off to the Munch Truck, a brand new street vendor parked on 56th & Park: “New Clean and very large looks like a catering truck but is open to the public complete with a satellite tv to watch while they are cooking… Husband and wife team… We can only wish them the best but you may want to check out and do a write up? I haven’t eaten there yet…”  All the standard Midtown cart food is accounted for (falafel, gyro, chicken over rice), but they’ve got a whole bunch of not so standard items as well.

Check out their menu after the jump…

Munch Truck

Munch Truck

Fish and chips?  Chicken wings?  Merguez sandwich? And they serve a full breakfast menu starting at 7am. This is now on the must try list.  Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Munch Truck, SE corner of 56th and Park Ave.


  • Wtf. Tilapia from a truck?

  • wow, they have everything. usually not a good sign but we shall see.
    I wonder if Fish and chips is part of their regular menu. I love fish and chips. =)

  • yummmm fish and chips. me too. i’m also very curious about their meatballs.

  • I saw it yesterday on my walk back from 100% Healthy and Halal and was very curious myself… Perhaps I shall mosey on there for lunch….

  • I may check them out tomorrow or Friday. I love me some fish and chips in a big way, it would be great to have a good option for them in midtown.

  • Cheese, and? You can get tilapia at kwik meal too. Not to mention Kim’s Aunt Cart.

  • Is fish and chips today’s special or is it from last week? I’d like to go today if they have fish and chips special today.

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    Looks like they have fried fish AND burgers. So why not do a fish sandwich, if you got all the stuff?

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    It sounds good but isn’t seafood supposed to be banned soon from carts?

  • ((((fish n chips))))

  • Just got back. Got a cheesesteak and fries. Worst cheesesteak I’ve ever had. Slab of meat, not “shredded” up. Overcooked yet with cheese barely melted. No onions/peppers (wasn’t asked if I wanted them, but assumed “philly cheesesteak” would automatically include. Fries are soggy, not from the walk back to office but because significantly undercooked. Co-worker got chicken/lamb over rice combo and claims its “excellent”. Other co-worker got fish-n-chips and claims its actually good too, although she prefer strips and not whole filet. The two people working the truck were relatively inefficient and clueless. Oh, and the “tv” while nice looking, wasn’t even turned on!

  • OK— I am pretty sure I stood next to Pshinnyc at the cart– (I was the fat jewish looking guy standing with the Fillipino gent. We exchanged a “Midtown Lunch?” “Me Too.” Conversation)

    I got the Merguez sausage over bed of cous cous. I thought the sausage was tasty, but small. Lamb flavor came through, could have used a few more sausage links. Couscous was good, had nice pieces of cooked veggies in it. Carrots, Zuchini, Chickpeas and peas.

    My co-worker got the chicken wings which were “tasty but small”. I tasted his fries, again nothing to wow about.

    I saw someone get the gyro and that looked good, plus I thought the fish and chips looked really good.

    Oh, and my co-worker felt that pshinnyc’s co-worker was way cute. That might have been his higlight over the chickenwings, to be honest.

  • I went and left because line was too long and it was too cold. My coworker got the fish and chips later but he said it was soggy and not so good.
    for now, i am gonna stick with duck noodle soup from the chinese take out next to Gourmet 53…though one of my coworkers did mention that he thought he saw a rat…which makes sense cuz it’s right on top of a train station.

  • @Apikoros18 I was with 2 co-workers (one male, one female). They are now debating which one your co-worker was referring to!

  • @pshinnyc— The young lady. :-)

  • BTW— Really decent cheesesteak, and a good price? Try Picnic on 57th between 3rd and lex. I have had a few times, 6.95 with a side of fries. Good quality meat and cheese, and lot ‘o onions. I don’t know if they use peppers as I don’t like peppers, and always say, no peppers.

  • Thanks Apikoros18, I’ll have to try that. Not to hijack this thread, but I’m still mourning the loss of 99 Miles to Philly (Carl’s is just too far away).

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    just got back w/ the chicken & lamb over rice.. was going to go w/ the fish and chips.. but had to try this first…. nothing to write home about.. not terrible.. rice was a little undercooked.. and something was extremely greasy.. not sure if it was the rice or the lamb/chicken…. hot sauce.. not hot enough.. like most of the time… white sauce… was.. just your average white sauce..

    I agree with pshinnyc.. the two ppl were extremely disorganized.. the guy next to me had to ask for tartar sauce on the side about 7 times before they figured out what to do.. then another minute before they figured out how to do it…. in any case.. will def. try the fish and chips.. but not sure if i’ll return after that.. (but it’s so damn close to my office.. maybe when i feel lazy)

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    I’ve seen this truck at nights downtown by Washington Square Park. Haven’t tried yet though.

  • I tried the burger today with fries. They were OK. The fries weren’t salted. The meat was mediocre. Hopefully some of the other stuff is better.

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