What Smelly Lunchtime Treats Are In Your Desk Drawers?


Got this email from Profiled Midtown Lunch’er Jenn today, and it started me thinking what other weird lunchtime treats are people hiding in their desk drawers.

Since the word is out on your LA departure, I thought I’d take this opportunity to impart to you my Midtown Lunch Secret of Shame. A few things you should know first:

1. My midtown office only has 3 people (including myself) in it.
2. My desk is partially blocked from view by a semi-wall.
3. I really really love sardines and other varieties of stinky canned fish.

In my desk drawer, at any point, you will find many cans of sardines and kipper snacks. Some days when I’m in the mood, I run down to Woorijip and grab a small rice to-go. I come back to my desk, duck behind my giant computer monitor and with controlled urgency (go too fast and the precious oil will spill) peel back the top of that little tinned can bastion of briny heaven. Then I pray that the odor (a mix of joy and catfood) doesn’t waft to the other nethers of the office.

Today, I’m alone in the office and so can openly, shamelessly indulge in my Fancy Feast fancies. I also happen to have plain instant oatmeal that I never opened in my desk too and since I do love a savory oatmeal, my lunch consists of salty herring fillets and hot oatmeal….in my coffee mug.

I know it’s anti-Midtown Lunch to be eating at my desk, but I do like to save my outdoor-recess time to get coffee at Stumptown and ogle the old-timey hipster barista boys in teeny pants. -Jenn

Obviously condiments are a no brainer, and remember that guy who used to roll his own sushi at his desk? But stashed away sardines and oatmeal? I love sardines as much as the next guy, but you’ve got to feel a little bit bad for that girl’s two office mates. How about you? What secret (possibly smelly) lunchtime treats are hiding out in your desk?


  • wow, Jenn’s hotness has now dropped through the floor.

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • Sardines and oatmeal. Is that like a pregnant ladies appetite?

  • She’s like 12 years old, fellas – c’mon now. No more hotness comments.

  • TMI! That’s foul! Yuck! I like sardines as much as the next guy, but there’s a time and a place, and it’s defnitely NOT at your workdesk unless you have permission from ALL of your co-workers. I smell lots of grossness at work–someone close to me had broccoli soup today–and I openly gagged…..and heaved. I understand we all don’t have the luxury of going home to eat lunch like I do, but come on…..save your co-workers from the stench!

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    Pot. Just kidding. Had a tuna sandwich with tons of dijon and onions yesterday. No one seemed to notice the smell. I have to vote the picture of the herring and oatmeal to be the least appetizing photo that’s ever run on midtownlunch.com.

  • I hope there’s a toothbrush and toothpaste in that desk too ;-P

  • nothings worse than fish in the microwave! Its been banned in my office ever since.

  • At least she didn’t microwave the sardines/ fish. Those are the worst offenders. Completely stinks up the whole office!

  • She better have a napkin bib as well. Stinky fish oil stains and the smell sticks with you all day. Once in a while I get salted fish fried rice and bring it home. I usually have to open the windows when I eat the leftovers. However, I wouldn’t bring it to work. Dried squid jerky. That’s the worst I get at work.

  • i hate the people that eat popcorn at the office. 95% of the time they burn it so it smells even more.

    why do so many people like to eat popcorn at work?

  • @steve, they think its a healthy alternative?

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    That’s a perfectly acceptable workplace lunch (if you train sea lions). I actually like canned sardines. But I won’t eat them if I have to be in the vicinity of civilization within a 24 hour period.

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    kitkats… caramel popcorn… peanutbutter cracker packets… honey pretzels… and two microwavable pasta bowls i got for a dollar a piece

    the only smelly thing might be the peanutbutter… ever talk to someone after they ate a peanutbutter sandwich? blech… good thing i have the kitkats there too to cover up the smell of my mouth a bit :P

  • Ok, that’s kind of awesome.

    I sometimes have the spicy beef from malaysia beef jerky, but it doesn’t last that long.

  • Ps- Its official, we have mice in our office.

  • Tom, malaysia beef jerky does not equal sardine breath…. damn know I want some beef jerky!

  • I usually have something smelly in my drawers AFTER lunch.

  • Her movements must smell like the Jersey Shore..

  • mmmm, beef jerky. (Need to take a trip to Ling Kee Beef Jerky now…)

    Not sure if this counts as “smelly,” but I keep Animal Crackers, Easy-Mac (not made yet, duh), and Wassail mix in the drawer…

    (FYI: For the cold days, keep a package of Wassail mix for your tea. So good)

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