1 City, 1 Month, 93 Plates

Don’t know if you’ve seen this on any other blogs, but the Wandering Foodie (who ate 24 meals in 24 hours in Boston last year) is spending the entire month of January eating every meal out in NYC and posting about it (kind of like the exact opposite of my friend Cathy’s blog.) In Midtown, he’s already been to Szechuan Gourmet (with Chubby Chinese Girl) and and the Burger Joint (with Behind the Burner), and on Wednesday I’m taking him out for some street meat. You can follow his journey at here.


  • I thought this was an interesting read, until I realized that the meals are being donated (with positive publicity, of course) for a “foundation” so there is not a negative word to be found in any of the reviews I read. The gushing and effusive praise becomes old quickly. I much prefer honest, *unbiased** food reviews, thankyouverymuch.

  • that’s not true… i didn’t say I loooved Szechuan Gourmet at all… i just said their menu was pretty impressive!

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    You read all 31 reviews and can’t find a negative word? Come on! There’s gotta be one in there somewhere.

  • I didn’t read all 31, but 8-9 and did not get the usual sense of “mixed” comments from general, unbiased reviews. Pretty much all praise.

    CCG–that’s kind of splitting chopsticks, eh?

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