2nd Kushi-Q Location Now Open

Just got word from Lunch’er “Joe” that the new location of Kushi-Q, in the CitiGroup Center basement food court (on 53rd btw. Lex+3rd), is now open.  The first location of this fast food yakitori spot is pretty close (3rd btw. 45+46th), so it will be interesting to see what happens.  Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.


  • There is a distinct possibility that I am going for lunch. If so, comments will be forthcoming

  • just walked by…the line out the door is crazy…went to piada instead. i will try again next week.

  • I just came back. My coworker ordered 5 piece chicken lunch box for $8.80 and i order the 5 piece box for around $6.80.
    The sauce was good as you would expect from a decent teriyaki sauce. The chicken was passable but abit dry.
    I also like the fact that they had both white and brown rice.

  • I meant, i ordered 3 piece box.

  • just got notice that they sold out of food!

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    I went today for lunch, and it was not awful but it was disappointing. The wait was long even though there were only a couple of orders in front of me. It looked to me like perhaps their grill was not hot enough, but also that they had not kept loading the grill up with raw stuff as the cooked stuff came off. As I stood there they finally loaded up the grill with lots more skewers although I don’t know who they were planning to sell those to because there was no one behind me.

    I wouldn’t have minded the wait if the result had not been some pretty bland chicken. The meat seemed like ok meat, not dry, but it just needed some seasoning. They give it a dip in some sauce before it goes in your box, and the sauce has some flavor to it but there just wasn’t enough sauce on their to rescue the dish. I’m curious to go back and try the salmon or pork but I won’t bother with the chicken again.

    The bento box comes with salad, which was fine, and miso soup, which was the worst version of miso I have ever had – it reminded me of the dishwater that seemed to be dripping off the disgusting dumplings I once tried from the Rickshaw cart.

    I didn’t think it was worth $10 for five skewers of bland chicken and some salad and some dishwater soup. When I go back I will try ala carte.

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    I’ve been there a couple of times already, haven’t had to wait even 5 minutes yet. I’ve tried the chicken, been and fried chicken (don’t eat pork). Sauce is good, salad is surprisingly decent (a lot of romaine “ribs” but I like that) but they do charge for every little thing (50c extra if you want rice and salad, why? $1.10 for an extra side of sauce). Decent flavor and probably a twice a month place for me.

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