Macchiato Espresso Bar Coming to Rock Center Area


Speaking of amazing Italian coffee spots, Macchiato Espresso Bar (on 44th btw. Lex+3rd) will be opening a second location on 52nd btw. 5+6th. This is not just great news for coffee lovers, but they also serve a nice menu of made to order sandwiches and salads that are step up from your average Midtown fare. No word on when the new location will open.

Macchiato Espresso Bar Revisited… For the First Time


  • Oh Happy Day !

  • They have really good pastry and european eye candies. hehe

  • If that retarded advertisement with the buddah, with the man tits, keeps shaking his man tits in front of me every time I try to read this website, I am going to stick my fist through the screen of my brand new computer system.

    Please, for GAWD’S sake, get rid of the BENIHANA perverted character with the frickin’ tits and the “RUB HERE” belly.

    I mean some advertisers can drive CRAZY PEOPLE even crazier. Hopefully you do NOT need that kind of crap advertising in order to stay afloat. If you do, send me a note, and I will make a donation.

    But then, FRED may actually like those man tits.

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    Haven’t tried the espresso, but it’s pretty damn sure Macchiato is the worst name for an espresso bar.

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