Win Some Amazing Food Stuff (Including an Eating Tour w/ Me) From the Menu For Hope Raffle

Want to win some pretty amazing food prizes, while helping a good cause?  Then head over and check out Chez Pim’s Menu For Hope 6.  Every December for the past 6 years our good friend Pim collects amazing prizes donated by food people from around the world, and raffles them off to benefit the UN World Food Programme.  Raffle tickets are only $10, and you decide what prize you want your ticket to apply to.  Obviously the more tickets you buy for each item being raffled, the better chance you have of winning it… but it’s much cooler than an auction, because in theory you could win a prize worth hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of dollars for just $10.

I’m also really excited because this is the first year Midtown Lunch was asked to donate something!  For $10 you can buy a raffle ticket to win a Midtown Lunch Street Meat Eating Tour w/ me.  Meet some of the vendors, hear their stories, all while eating platters of their delicious food.  And it can be yours for $10.  But that’s not all that’s being raffled… there’s are some amazing meals, food items, wine, books, tours, vacations, even a chance to have coffee with Profiled Midtown Lunch’er Ruth Reichl!  There is all sorts of great stuff to win, and the best part is the money goes to a great cause.  You only have until Friday, so to bid on the Midtown Lunch Street Meat Eating Tour (it’s item #UE42) or any of the other great prizes, go to the Menu of Hope 6 website now>>

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