The Palm Screws Midtown Again

From our Happy Hour Correspondent ‘Mamacita’: “Midtown lunchers we are sad to report that we have once again been burned by a false and misleading deal! When I first heard of The Palm’s Prime Bites menu at the bar for just $3.50 I was stoked, in fact I called up my friends and planned a happy hour for the next night. Then the day of the happy hour I found out the special didn’t include any midtown locations. Rejected and disappointed (after all we are talking 3.50 calamari and crab cakes!) I gave up all hope and let it rest. Recently we found out that the Prime Bite’s were extended to the Midtown West location (on 50th btw. B’way+8th) and hope sprung anew. Alas, I guess we have bad luck on these things because once I got there in time for happy hour it turned out the midtown branch didn’t offer the deal until after 9pm, as opposed to its other locations which offer it from 5-7pm, and also after 9pm. So this is a sad account of woe, heartbreak, and hunger. A cautionary tale proving that you can never completely trust these PR stunts!”


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    In all fairness, the promotional materials said in small print that it didn’t apply to the Palm or Palm Too locations…the bars there are tiny with no TV’s. When the promo began over the summer, the Midtown West did do the 5-7 and then 9-close and I took full advantage of it…and so did a ton of other people judging from the crowds. I guess they were getting screwed on people getting full on $20 in the bar instead of the $50 steaks. The Tribeca location still offers the early hours, 4:30-6:30 I think.

  • That really pisses me off that The Palm did that without notice. Offer a happy hour deal or don’t offer it…but don’t go opportunistically changing it around when you realize it was the wrong move and a lossmaker. I looked back at the previous promo flyer and the happy hour deal was supposed to cover the Midtown West location from 5-7 and after 9pm. Pretty shady that they pulled a switheroo and changed the promo and promo flyer. If you want a PR stunt you can trust, check out the Free Wine Tasting Wednesday’s and Ladies & Gents Thursdays at Uncle Jack’s. 2 free pours of wine on Wednesdays w/ cheese and grapes from 5-7pm and even better on Thursdays when ladies get free cosmo or sour apple martinis from 5-7pm and guys get free scotch, port or whiskys. Also free apps are passed at the bar. Now, that’s a real deal!

  • ladies get cosmos or sour apple martini’s and guys get scotch, port or whiskey’s?! that’s rediculous

  • and when i say rediculous i mean absurd. i dont want a crappy apple martini or cosmo!

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